▼Personal Information:
  • First Name:         M.Amin
  • Last Name:          Qobadi
  • Birth Date:          21 Jan 1984

▼Academic Profile:

  • Education:        Master
  • Field:                     Material Engineering/ Corrosion and Protection of Materials
  • University:        IAU

▼Foreign Language:

  • English:              Intermediate
  • French:               B2


  • Advanced on Office Software, Specially Professional in Microsoft Excel for Project Control Field.
  • Advanced on MS Project (Scheduling and Project Control Software).
  • Advanced on Primavera-P6 (Scheduling and Project Control Software).
  • Advanced on AutoCAD Software.
  • Advanced on Tekla Structure (X-Steel).
  • Advanced on Industrial and Structural Drawing, Map Analysis and Estimating.
  • Advanced on Design of Install to Project Control System and Material Handling Package.
  • Advanced on Claim Management Field.
  • Able on Earned Value.
  • Able on Cost Control, Budgeting and Cash Flow in Different Type of Projects.
  • Introduced to Project Management field based on PMBOK Standard.
  • Able on making the Invoice of Industrial and Structural Projects, Bids and Value Proposal Package.
  • Able on Contract Field (In tenders).
  • Advanced on Electroplating process, specially Cu, Ni, Cr & Brass on Steels, Brass & Aluminums.
  • Advanced in Thin Film Electrodeposition of Cu, Ni, Cr, Brass, Au, Ag on Steel Alloys, Copper Alloys specially Yellow Brass, Zamac, Aluminium Alloys and Titanium.
  • Introduced to Surface Engineering , Specially Cementation &Nitridation for low Carbon Steel alloys.
  • Advanced on Anodizing & Hard Anodizing for Aluminum.
  • Introduced to Marine Corrosion for metallic structures and the methods of its protection.
  • Introduced to Pipeline subjects according to sequences, Isometric, Line List, Hydro Test, NDT Release, P&ID & PFD.
  • Introduced to Cathodic Protection, Engineering, Erection and monitoring (and also with wireless systems).
  • Introduced to painting process of steel structures.
  • Introduce to Welding Procedures and VT.
  • Introduce to WPS,WPQ & PQR.
  • Introduced to Recycling of E-wastes (Electronic Wastes), due to making its Business Plan for Iran.
  • Introduced to International Business (Import Process), due to some experiences in this field. 

▼Current Work(s):
  • Nasb Niroo - MAPNA Group, Structures Supervisor of Refinery, South Pars-Ph14  , Since July 2016.
  • Speedes-Co., Manager of Material Handling Unit, and experienced in different parts of Fabrication Unit and Project Management Department, Since September 2012 to December 2015 .
  • Working seriously on Electrodeposition and Electroplating, My Personal lab.
And also I have some experiences to work at another companies, same DanelPetro and Fulmen.